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50 Years of the Legendary Fuchsfelge

50 Years of the Legendary Fuchsfelge

The cult wheel celebrates an anniversary: it all begann in 1966 with the Porsche 911s at the IAA, with volume production starting in 1966. The Fuchsfelge has long held an excellent reputation among the fast and luxurious, and not without reason. The forged wheel ultimatly afters clear advantages: it is both lightweight and sturdy and these properties have ardet supporters in motor racing, too. But it is not only the very fast who are crazy about the wheels made by OTTO FUCHS in Meinerzhagen. Low weight is also a key issue in connection with alternative drive consepts. Here, the lighter the vehicle, the greater the distance. No wonder the i3, the first electric BMW, is fitted with lightweight forged wheels made by OTTO FUCHS - and only by OTTO FUCHS.
176 Seiten, 280 x 215 mm, 29 sw-Abbildungen, 260 Farbabbildungen
29,90 EUR
EAN: 9783613041936
Bestellnr.: 04193



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